Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center 

Advancing the state-of-the-art in high-performance computing,
communications and data analytics.

PSC Staff Directory

Reception Area:
412/ 268-4960
FAX numbers:
Room 302(reception): 412/ 268-5832
Business Office: 412/ 268-1490
User Services Hotline (Pgh): 412/ 268-6350 
NCNE Hotline: 800/ 962-NCNE
PSC Executive Management
Mike Levine, Scientific Director
Ralph Roskies, Scientific Director
David Moses, Executive Director 
Bob Stock, Associate Director
Advanced Networking
Ken Goodwin, Director
Andrew K. Adams, Network Engineer
Kathy Benninger, Manager of Networking Research 
Steve Cunningham,Sr. Networking Operations Engineer
Michael Lambert, GigaPoP Manager
Bryan Learn, Network Programmer
Chris Rapier, Senior Network Programmer
Nathan Robinson, Network Engineer
Biomedical Applications Group
Markus Dittrich, Director
Jacob Czech, Scientific Research Programmer
Caset Hansen, Research Assistant
Greg Hood, Senior Computer Scientist
Hugh Nicholas, Senior Computational Scientist
Alex Ropelewski, Coordinator, Biomedical Code Developer
Art Wetzel, Principal Computer Scientist
Education, Outreach & Training
Cheryl Begandy, Director
Vivian Benton, Communications & Publications Project Manager
Ken Chiacchia, Senior Science Writer
Pallavi Ishwad, Education Program Director
Laura McGinnis, Manager of EOT
Robin Scibek, Communications and Marketing Project Manager
Shandra Williams, Manager of Multimedia Projects
Finance and Administration
David Kapcin, Director
Erica L. Anderson, Pre-Award/Human Resources Manager
Lucille Jarzynka, Administrative Analyst
Ray Nardozzi, Procurement and Facilities Manager
Patricia Sudac, Administrative Coordinator
Public Health Applications
Shawn T. Brown, Director
Jay DePasse, Senior Computational Public Health Specialist
Leila Haidari, Public Health Applications Specialist
Nathan Stone, Modeling & Project Management
Eli Zenkov, Public Health Applications Developer
Scientific Applications and User Support
Sergiu Sanielevici, Director
Philip Blood, Senior Computational Scientist
Rick Costa, Staff Computational Science Consultant
Stephen Deems, Allocations Coordinator
Roberto Gomez, Sr. Computational Science Consultant
Ken Hackworth, User Relations Coordinator
Anirban Jana, Senior Computational Scientist
Marcela Madrid, Senior Computational Scientist
Tom Maiden, User Support and Outreach Coordinator
Deb Nigra, Sr. Computational Science Consultant
David O'Neal, Sr. Scientific Specialist
Josephine Palencia, Sr. Scientific Data Specialist
Rich Raymond, User Services Manager
Yang Wang, Senior Computational Scientist
Special Projects
Janet Brown, Principal Project Director
James Kasdorf, Director
H. Lynn Layman, Economic Development and Strategic Relationships Liaison
Strategic Applications
Nicholas Nystrom, Director
John Urbanic, Parallel Computing Specialist
Joel Welling, Senior Scientific Specialist
Systems and Operations
J. Ray Scott, Director
Jared Allar, Information Security Analyst
Ed Berger, Sr. Systems Specialist
Robert Budden, Senior Grid Cluster Systems Developer
Burt Cubbison, Software Engineer
Shane Filus, Information Security Engineer
Bryon Gill, Advanced Computing Systems Specialist
Ed Hanna, Coordinator of DIRS
Brian Johanson, HPC System Administrator
Anjana Kar, Sr. Storage System Specialist
Rob Light, Senior Systems Software Engineer
Susan Litzinger, File Systems Administrator
Jim Marsteller, PSC Security Officer
Clint Perrone, Sr. Systems Specialist
Derek Simmel, Grid Computing Specialist
Rich Underwood, HPC System Adminstrator
Bryan Webb, VMS Systems Administrator
Ed Wozniak, HPC System Administrator
Jared Yanovich, Senior Advanced Computing Systems Developer
Zhihui Zhang, Sr. Advanced Systems Data Management Specialist