Stephen Cunningham

Senior Network Operations Engineer


Current Projects

Executive Producer of the XSEDE HPC Monthly Workshop Series.

Member of the 3Rox Gigapop Engineering team.


Steve has been with the Center for thirty years. Initially he played a large role in the infrastructure development of the NSFNet, which later came to be known as the Internet.  Throughout the Center’s history, he has led in the field of distance learning and video over IP.  Today he is involved in all facets of the Center’s network, with concentrations in DNS, machine connection and power.  For the last five years he has produced the XSEDE HPC Monthly Workshop Series, responsible for educating nearly 10,000 students at 70 universities around the world, in High Performance Computing Programming.

Steve holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, with a specialty in digital electronic circuit design.