Staff Spotlight: Tom Maiden

If you’ve ever submitted a ticket for user support on a PSC machine, there’s a good chance Tom has responded to it. Tom is PSC’s Manager of User Services and the logistical lead of the XSEDE Monthly Workshop Series.  In each endeavor, he is focused on a positive experience for the end user. PSC Super Power: Translator of nerd-speak for novices.

Tsunami Simulations in Bridges featured on "Big Compute" Podcast

Dr. Lauren Schambach used PSC’s Bridges platform as a graduate student at URI to simulate a tsunami in Messina, Italy, which devastated the town back in 1908. They discussed her work on Big Compute’s supercomputing-focused podcast back in December – give it a listen!

Bridges-2 Early User Program Opens for Business

Bridges-2 has finally opened its Early User Program! After a lengthy installation process that required lots of coordination from our team and HP Enterprises, users are on the system for one month until mid-February. More to come on the behind-the-scenes work soon!

Summer Internships Available for Minority/Underrepresented Undergrads in STEM

Through our work with the NIH-funded HuBMAP, PSC is helping to coordinate virtual summer internships at 6 labs nationwide for underrepresented/minority undergraduate students. The application deadline is February 15th. Check out the webpage for more details.

The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center is a joint computational research center between Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. PSC provides university, government and industrial researchers with access to several of the most powerful systems for high-performance computing, communications and data storage available to scientists and engineers nationwide for unclassified research. PSC advances the state of the art in high-performance computing, communications and data analytics and offers a flexible environment for solving the largest and most challenging problems in research.

PSC Coronavirus Updates

With the nation—and the world—disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) would like to offer our wishes for safety and health for all. To do our part in protecting the country’s wellbeing, we have been working with a national alliance of high-performance computing resources called the COVID-19 HPC Consortium.


Upcoming Events

Introducing Bridges-2

Bridges-2, PSC's newest supercomputer, will debut in early 2021.  It will be funded by a $10-million grant from the National Science Foundation.

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