Analysis Focuses on Hijacking of Pro-Vaccination Twitter Effort

A study aided by Bridges and Bridges-2 analyzing a vast array of Twitter content revealed how better organization and superior social media practices of an anti-vaccine campaign came to dominate an event initially organized by health professionals

Staff Spotlight: Andrew Adams

Andrew’s specialty is identifying threats to PSC’s cyberinfrastructure, ensuring leadership is aware of any residual risks, and pursuing solutions that remediate the threats while maintaining usability for users and staff.

PSC Super Power: Understanding that security is a trade-off

Bridges & Bridges-2 Power Discovery of Two-X-Chromosome Male Voles

Scientists using Bridges and Bridges-2 to assemble DNA sequences discovered that creeping voles of the Pacific Northwest have only a single X chromosome in females and a strange combination of an X and another, different X in males.

Biotech startup uses Bridges to identify drugs that reduce chance of death from COVID-19

ARIScience used Bridges to simulate known drugs’ ability to interfere with proteins in the COVID-19 virus. Then they identified which drugs are associated with lower death rates in COVID-19 patients.

The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center is a joint computational research center with Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. PSC provides university, government and industrial researchers with access to several of the most powerful systems for high-performance computing, communications and data storage available to scientists and engineers nationwide for unclassified research. PSC advances the state of the art in high-performance computing, communications and data analytics and offers a flexible environment for solving the largest and most challenging problems in research.

PSC Coronavirus Updates

With the nation—and the world—disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) would like to offer our wishes for safety and health for all. To do our part in protecting the country’s wellbeing, we have been working with a national alliance of high-performance computing resources called the COVID-19 HPC Consortium.


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Introducing Bridges-2

Bridges-2, PSC's newest supercomputer, funded by a $10-million grant from the National Science Foundation, is up and running!  

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