Artificial Intelligence and Big Data



PSC’s Artificial Intelligence and Big Data group converges AI and high performance computing capabilities, empowering research to grow beyond prevailing constraints.


PSC’s AI and Big Data group are experts in the field and available for consultation to tackle your pressing scientific problems and accelerate discovery. This group can also help you apply best practices to overcome the constraints faced by your research and harness the power of Bridges-2, PSC’s flagship supercomputer.


Bringing the power of HPC to AI

Harness the power of Bridges-2: 500+ nodes (256GB – 4TB RAM), powerful GPUs, a rich set of software, frameworks, and environments.

Developing best practices

Work with the AI & Big Data group to apply best practices to overcome the constraints faced by your research.

Connecting to experts

Learn from experts in the field who will consult to help solve your problems.



Neocortex is a highly innovative resource that accelerates AI-powered scientific discovery. Its revolutionary hardware greatly shortens the time for deep learning training, fosters greater integration of artificial deep learning with scientific workflows, and enables the development of more efficient algorithms for artificial intelligence and graph analytics.


COSMO is a platform for easily sharing large datasets and domain-agnostic recommendations for scientific data sharing.

Compass AI

PSC’s Compass Program focuses on the application of AI technologies to address open challenges in research.