Consulting Services

Work with a team of expert HPC consultants

Whether your project at PSC utilizes your own code or a third-party package, PSC’s experienced team of user consultants will help you solve problems relating to the computing environment at PSC. They can help with hardware and software considerations and with porting and optimizing your code.


As a PSC user, consulting is available for all phases of computational science research and education projects, from inception to final results. This includes formulation of the problem, selection of the most suitable resource(s), code development and optimization, data storage, analysis, and management.

Support for problems on PSC Systems

Please send email to to open a support ticket.

To help resolve your issue as quickly as possible, include the following information:

  • name of the machine you were using
  • date and time that the problem occurred
  • location of any relevant job or output files

Support through research collaboration

PSC enables groundbreaking research through efficient and innovative use of PSC and other national advanced cyberinfrastructure resources. Our experts can collaborate on your research projects to provide expertise in advanced computing, including leveraging the ACCESS MATCHPlus and MATCHPremier programs.

Please send email to to explore such opportunities.

Support for complex problems

Certain problems require a consultant with detailed expertise in your scientific or engineering discipline with a developer’s and a practitioner’s knowledge of the inner workings of computational science applications. Our user consultants are trained to recognize such problems and will create a team of Ph.D. level experts to assist you. You and your team may conclude that a longer-term collaborative effort is required or would be beneficial. If so, the means of supporting such a project will be explored.

Contact to start this process.

Support for faculty

PSC provides faculty and students in the Pittsburgh area with access to the most advanced, powerful, and robust collection of integrated advanced digital resources and services in the world. PSC’s technical staff has years of experience in applications and systems software design and implementation, quantitative analysis, advanced consulting, and delivering high-quality training. PSC’s staff is available to discuss faculty members’ needs and provide guidance.

Email to explore your options.

Contact Us

Please contact PSC User Services if you wish to discuss advanced support for your research. 

| M-F, 9am to 5pm ET | Phone: 412.268.4960 |  Email: