Ed Hanna

Director, Advanced Systems & Operations



 As Director of Advanced Systems, Operations and Facilities, Ed is responsible for the operations of all HPC systems, storage systems and datacenter facilities at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center including Anton 2, Bridges-2, Neocortex, Brain Image Library, Human BioMolecular Atlas Program and NIDDK ATLAS systems.  He also oversees the operations for several resources at CMU, including clusters for the College of Engineering, the Mellon College of Science, and the Tepper School of Business. In addition, Ed is involved in planning for the Leadership Class Computing Facility.

Ed oversaw the design and implementation of PSC XSEDE Resource Allocation System for Anton2 and the National Academies of Science and  XSEDE’s Resource Description Repository for NSF.



  • Simplifying TeraGrid Resource Integration with the Resource Description Repository David L. Hart, San Diego Supercomputer Center Ed Hanna, Rob Light, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center John-Paul Navarro, Argonne National Laboratory. TeraGrid 2009 Conference.