Julian Uran

Machine Learning Research Engineer




Julian is a research engineer in the HPC AI and Big Data group. He supports the user community for PSC's Bridges-2 and Neocortex, while also leading the development of COSMO, a REST API for exploring the BlueTides simulation data from the McWilliams Center for Cosmology.

Julian joined the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center in 2019 after working as Senior Technical Support and Customer Operations Engineer at Hortonworks and Cloudera Inc. Prior to that, he contributed to the University of Delaware Global Computing Lab, University of the Andes COMIT Research Group, Technological University of Pereira Sirius HPC Research Group, and worked as a Software Developer for top-performing companies in Latin America and the Caribbean region (VeriTran, BeMovil) after earning his Master's degree in Systems and Computer Engineering from University of the Andes in 2012.


See Julian's Google Scholar page for a list of his publications.


Virtualization, Web Development, Entrepreneurship, User Experience Optimization.