Rob Light

Principal Systems Software Engineer Manager


Rob has been with the PSC since 2001.  He has contributed to many projects including:

  • Manager of PSC Software Engineering group that is contributing to several scientific platforms including HuBMAP.
  • A lead developer on the XSEDE Resource Allocation Service (XRAS) project which is an allocations system built to allow XSEDE HPC resources to be allocated as well as provide resource allocation services to other clients. XRAS is used for allocating HPC resources by organizations like NSCA and TACC as well as for allocating other types of resources such as scientific instruments by the NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory.
  • Lead developer on allocations and accounting tools at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.
  • Developer of XSEDE Accounting API using Amazon Web Services (AWS) server-less architecture which increased performance by 1000x over the previous accounting collection system at very minimal cost.
  • Led transition of the XSEDE central database server and accounting and allocations systems to AWS.

Rob has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Pittsburgh and a master’s degree in information systems management from Carnegie Mellon University. In his free time Rob is usually rooting on all of the local Pittsburgh sports teams.