Stephen has over a decade of experience working directly with the research computing and educational communities that PSC serves. He leads the center’s Project Management team on center-wide and sponsor-specific endeavors. Stephen is the Principal Investigator of NSF-2138259, “Track 1: ACCESS Resource Allocations Marketplace and Platform Services (RAMPS)“, which provides a welcoming and democratized environment for researchers and instructors to gain access to advanced computing, visualization, data storage, and associated cyberinfrastructure (CI) resources necessary to accomplish their objectives. Check out for more on the NSF-funded ACCESS program.

Stephen is committed to contributing to and fostering an inclusive and equitable CI ecosystem – regardless of a person’s demographics, institution, or discipline of research. He is an active Campus Champion and has contributed to various NSF and NIH-funded initiatives.

Outside of work you’re likely spot to him somewhere in Pittsburgh on his bicycle in search of food, drink, and quality time with friends and family.