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Singularity is container software written at Lawrence Berkeley Labs.

If you need a specialized computing environment, you can use a Singularity container on Bridges.   Your Singularity container will execute on Bridges-2 compute nodes and can use other Bridges-2 resources, including filesystems. Within your container you can use a different Unix operating system and any software you need. You can set up your Singularity container without any intervention from PSC staff.

If you have questions about using Singularity containers on Bridges-2 send email to help@psc.edu.



You can use the Singularity containers that are installed on Bridges-2 or you can bring your own. Execute the container on Bridges-2 compute nodes; containers cannot be executed on the front end nodes.

Singularity images on Bridges-2

We have installed many of the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) containers as Singularity images on Bridges-2. These containers have been optimized for Volta  architectures by NVIDIA, including rigorous quality assurance.

These containers can all be found on Bridges-2 under the directory /ocean/containers/ e.g., /ocean/containers/ngc/caffe.

NVIDIA requests that you create an account at http://ngc.nvidia.com if you will use any of these containers.

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Common Singularity commands

Some common commands are listed here. For more information about Singularity, see the Singularity web site.

Start a shell within your container using the operating system you have set up your container to use.
Run a single command within your container.
Run a recipe script you have set up within your container. Using a recipe script forces users of your container to use a pre-established workflow.
Provides help on Singularity