Bridges-2 and the transition from XSEDE to ACCESS

ACCESS has replaced XCEDE. Bridges-2 allocations will will continue unchanged into ACCESS.

The XSEDE Single Sign-On service has been discontinued.  Be sure to read “Can I still use the XSEDE Single Sign-On service?” below for information on how to log in to Bridges-2 without XSEDE SSO. 

Be sure to also check XSEDE’s Advance to ACCESS page and the ACCESS website for more information.

If you have any questions, please email

Will my Bridges-2 allocations be affected?

No. Your grants  on Bridges-2 will continue, with no change in the number of Service Units or storage that you were given. The grant expiration date will remain the same. But you will have to use ssh and either a PSC password or a public-private key pair  to login, rather than the XSEDE Single Sign On service.

See “Can I still use the XSEDE Single Sign-on service?” for more information.

Can I still use the XSEDE Single Sign-On service?

No. The XSEDE SSO will end on August 31, 2022. You will need to use ssh to log into Bridges-2 instead. There are two authentication methods you can use with ssh, either:

  • A PSC username and password
  • A public-private key pair  that is registered with PSC

We highly recommend that you set up either one of these authentication methods before September 1 so that your access to Bridges-2 is not interrupted.

More information:

Can I apply for an extension to my grant?

Please watch the ACCESS website for information on managing grants, including extensions.

Will the proposal submission process change?

Yes. ACCESS has streamlined the proposal submission requirements and process to make it easier. Please watch the ACCESS website for information.