We didn’t have to search hard to find qualified students for PSC’s Summer Internship Program.  Over 100 students applied for the five available positions. Let’s meet them and find out what projects they’re working on this summer.



Michael Ross, a senior majoring in cybersecurity at Bethany College, is working this summer with Andrew Adams and Shane Filus  (Information Security) on asset management. “Specifically, Michael is exploring affordable, yet tractable asset inventory software solutions, such that PSC can better track its critical information security assets,” described Andrew. Michael says he has already learned so much from the research he has done on the topic, as well as the insight he has received from Andrew and Shane. “While I am focused on learning and documenting all that I can about asset management, I am also refining my abilities through the process,” says Michael. “I feel that I am starting to be more efficient and effective in report writing, preparation and researching in general,” he exclaimed.


Sheena Kapoor uses Bridges-2 for her research in the Chemical Engineering department at CMU so being accepted as an intern in the Bridges-2 Netbox group was a dream come true. Under the supervision of Ed Hanna and Ryan Sablosky, Sheena is working on integrating various components of our infrastructure. ”Currently, she’s working on code that will tie our Netbox inventory management system more closely to our Puppet configuration management systems and our Warewulf-based provisioning systems,” said Ryan.  Sheena says she’s excited to be a part of the team and for all the guidance she is receiving. “It is a great opportunity to enhance my programming skills in a professional environment,” she stated.


A sophomore at Seattle Pacific University, Fransiskus Agapa is working with Ivan Cao-Berg on the HuBMap project. In particular, he will be working on designing and implementing Python modules for the creation of the metadata and data submissions for both the Common Fund Data Ecosystem (CFDE) and database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP). The goal for the summer is to create robust and stable packages that can used with AirFlow, hence streamlining our data processing pipelines by minimizing human interaction. “I am grateful to have this opportunity to do an internship at CMU,” said Fransiskus. “Ivan makes me feel okay with making mistakes, and asking questions,” he added.


“I am enjoying my work so far with Dr. Yang and Mitchell Dorrell,” said Iman Jehanzeb, a rising senior at CMU studying Computational Physics. “It is certainly challenging, but I am learning so much already,” she said. Iman will work on a software installation management project for scientific applications on Bridges-2. “Specifically, she will start with implementing cmake to the MuST package, and then build Docker images for the package,” said Mitchell. “She will apply the experiences and skills to other scientific packages, e.g., GROMACS.” Iman says she enjoys interacting with the team and other members of PSC. “There is so much to learn from everyone,” commented Iman.

We welcome Michael, Sheena, Fransiskus and Iman to the PSC team! We are looking forward to learning about the progress they make on their projects this summer.