Carnegie Mellon University, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA has a work-at-home Senior Software Engineer position (with the ability to telecommute with appropriate telecommuting systems; the remote worksite must be within commuting distance of Pittsburgh, PA for weekly trips to the corporate office) responsible for the development of backend frameworks supporting web-based platforms for enabling complex scientific research, data collection, curation and archiving, artificial intelligence/machine learning and simulation scientific workflow management, and advanced research computing orchestration.  Specific duties include: (i) analyzing, planning, implementing, deploying, and distributing backend frameworks for data ETL, data orchestration, and data analysis; (ii) organizing training and documentation of backend frameworks as well as participating in and providing materials for advanced training efforts for the scientific community; and (iii) installing, testing, deploying, and supporting backend frameworks on Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center’s production and research platforms as well as advising the planning and design of new user-focused research platforms.

Must have a bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related field plus five (5) years of post-baccalaureate and progressively responsible experience in a related position.

Experience must include: (i) five (5) years in Python development; (ii) five (5) years of system administration, including managing production linux environments; (iii) five (5) years architecting, configuring, and managing cloud infrastructures for software deployment using Amazon Elastic Cloud, Amazon Relational Database Service, and Amazon Elastic Load Balancer or the equivalent services in Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud; (iv) three (3) years with at least one database technology, such as (but not limited to) MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Neo4J; and (v) three (3) years leading team-based projects.

Experience can be concurrent.

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