science highlights

Spring/Summer 2021




Bridges-2, which entered early operations in February 2021, builds on the previous Bridges system’s success, providing even more massive AI and Big Data capacity to serve both scientists for whom HPC has long been a standard tool and new communities of researchers that never before needed computing, let alone HPC.

Anton 2

Anton 2 is the only publicly available special-purpose computing resource for biomedical research. Designed and constructed by D. E. Shaw Research, this system dramatically increases the speed of molecular dynamics simulations for drug and vaccine design.


Bridges-AI is a specialized supercomputer that uses the latest technology to speed development of AI to solve problems in medicine, materials science and numerous other fields.


Neocortex, a more specialized advanced research computer, introduces fundamentally new hardware to greatly speed up AI research, going beyond the technologies that have powered the advancement in the field since 2012.