VisIt is an interactive and scalable visualization, animation and analysis tool.



You do not need to load the visit module. The visit module does not actually change your environment, since VisIt is normally used remotely via a copy of the VisIt software on your local machine.

However, typing module help visit will display these instructions.

To get started using VisIt at PSC remotely, use the ‘Options/Host Profiles’ dialog to set up a profile with the following information:

Host Settings:

Host nickname: bridges
Remote host name:
Path to VisIt installation: /opt/packages/VisIt/visit2.12.3/src
Username: (your PSC username)
Tunnel data connections through SSH should be checked.

Launch Profiles:


Profile name: bridges_28
Timeout (minutes): 30
Number of threads per task: 0


Launch parallel engine should be checked.
Parallel launch method: sbatch/mpirun
Partition/Pool/Queue: RM-small
Number of processors: 28

GPU Acceleration:

No settings if the other settings are as above

Don’t forget to select Options/Save Settings!

With these settings in place you should be able to select as Host in the File/open menu to visualize your Bridges data directly.