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MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages.

MATLAB is available on PSC systems for academic users.   Academic users must complete the MATLAB Request form to request access to MATLAB. Once access has been granted, follow the steps below.

Non-academic users should contact help@psc.edu to discuss how they can get access to MATLAB at PSC.

Sample scripts for MATLAB use are available in directory /opt/packages/examples/matlab on Bridges  and Bridges-2.



Usage on Bridges-2

To see what versions of MATLAB are available and if there is more than one, which is the default, along with some help, type

module spider matlab

Start an interactive session

Start an interactive session on Bridges-2 using the interact command. See the Bridges-2 User Guide for information on interact.

Load the MATLAB module

Note that the module load command is case-sensitive.

module load matlab


Then start up MATLAB. You can run your MATLAB job on as many cores as the node has on which you are running. Use a command like

matlab -options   < input-file  > output-file

See what toolkits are available

Once you have started MATLAB, typing


lists all the installed toolkits.  PSC has the PCT toolkit, which is how you can run parallel MATLAB jobs. This command also gives information on your license number, operating system, Java version, etc., which may be useful in diagnosing problems.