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Request Gaussian on PSC systems

You may request permission to use Gaussian Software on PSC systems by filling out and submitting this form. All fields are required.

Intending to be legally bound, the terms and conditions of this Permission to Use GAUSSIAN Software on PSC Systems are accepted and agreed upon your clicking on "I AGREE", at which time your completed form will be emailed to PSC. Upon receipt and confirmation of the information requested in this form, you will be contacted with instructions on how to log in.

To use Gaussian at PSC, you must already be either a GridChem user or a PSC user.

Terms & Conditions for Use of GAUSSIAN Software on PSC Systems

Carnegie Mellon University, acting through the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) is prepared to grant to the person or entity named below ("you"), permission to use the Gaussian Software solely for the purpose(s) ("Purposes") identified below, subject to the limitations set forth below. To be granted access to GAUSSIAN, complete this form and click "I AGREE".

This is a legal agreement between you, the user of Gaussian at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center ("PSC"), and Carnegie Mellon University. The Gaussian program is made available for use at the PSC under license, which license carries conditions with which all PSC Gaussian users must comply. By clicking on "I AGREE" you are indicating your understanding and acceptance of the following terms.

  • The permission granted to use Gaussian programs at the PSC is personal and is not to be extended by the undersigned to others.
  • Usage of Gaussian programs at the PSC under this agreement is solely for research purposes.
  • The Gaussian programs used at the PSC are not to be used by any party who is directly or indirectly engaged in competition with Gaussian, Inc., or in any way that will compete with the business of Gaussian, Inc. or will provide assistance to any competitor of Gaussian, Inc.
  • Benchmarking or performance data with respect to the use of the Gaussian programs used at the PSC will not be published by the undersigned except as is necessary in applying for a grant of resources from the PSC, provided that such benchmarking or performance will not be quoted to third parties.