Bridges-2 Reservation Request

Complete this form to request that nodes be reserved for your use on Bridges-2. Once you submit the form, you will be contacted within one business day about the status of your request.

Note that requesting a reservation does not guarantee that it can be granted.

Note that your grant will be charged for the entire reservation slot, regardless of whether you have a job running or not.

The account id to charge this reservation to. You can find your valid account ids on Bridges-2 with the 'projects' command.


Choose the types and number of nodes that you need. Note that you can only reserve entire nodes. Reservations are not granted for partial nodes.
Choose 0 to 488 nodes
Choose 0 to 16 nodes
Choose 0 to 4 nodes
Choose 0 to 24 nodes (0 - 192 GPUs)
Choose 0 or 1.
Use MM/DD/YYYY format
Use MM/DD/YYYY format