DANCES Resources

DANCES Resources

These resources provide background information on software and products used in the DANCES project.

File Systems


  • Centralized OpenFlow Network Governing Authority – CONGA checks user authorization to request bandwidth, initiates flowmod creation via the DANCES Ryu OpenFlow controller, and tracks allocated and available bandwidth between sites.
  • DANCES Ryu controller – Centralized OpenFlow controller for DANCES built using the Ryu SDN controller framework.
  • DANCES OESS client – Interface to Internet2’s OESS, a set of software to control Layer 2 virtual circuit networks on OpenFlow enabled switches.

Resource Management Software

  • Torque Resource Manager – an advanced open-source product providing control over batch jobs and distributed computing resources
  • Moab Workload Manager –  software that optimizes scheduling and management across workloads and resources, based on policies

Science Projects

  • Penn State Galaxy project –  an open source, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research
  • Fluid flow research at Georgia Tech  – by researcher P. K. Yeung

Network Infrastructure

  • Corsa Technology – Corsa Technology is dedicated to SDN OpenFlow dataplanes. With SDN switching and routing hardware specifically designed to economically automate and scale networks, Corsa enables agile, simplified, and open Software Defined Networks.
  • Internet2 AL2S – (Advanced Layer 2 Services), scalable and flexible global access to an open exchange network where members can support the most demanding data-intensive science or production applications by building short or long-term Layer 2 circuits between endpoints on the Internet2 Network and beyond
  • Internet2 OESS – software used to configure and control dynamic (user-controlled) layer 2 virtual circuit (VLAN) networks on OpenFlow enabled switches
  • perfSONAR–  a collection of open source, easy-to-use and easy-to-install network performance monitoring services and tools