Biomedical Applications Group

This image shows an MCell simulation of synaptic vesicle release at the frog neuromuscular junction. It was generated via CellBlender.

The Biomedical Applications Group at the PSC pursues leading edge research in high performance computing in the biomedical sciences and fosters exchange between PSC expertise in computational science and biomedical researchers nationwide. The Biomedical Applications Group also engages in outreach activities at both the local and national level.

Scientists in the Biomedical Applications Group develop computational methods and tools and conduct research on biomedical systems at the cell and tissue level with a focus on neural systems such as the brain and the central nervous system. Our flagship outreach effort is a MARC  funded program aimed at developing bioinformatics programs and academic courses at MARC institutions leveraging our expertise in bioinformatics.

Projects and Collaborations

The National Center for Multiscale Modeling of Biomedical Systems (MMBioS)
The Biomedical Applications Group is a member of  MMBioS, which develops tools to advance and facilitate cutting-edge research at the interface between high performance computing technology and the life sciences. The overarching goal of MMBioS is the predictive multi-scale modeling of the spatiotemporal organization and evolution of neurosignaling systems and events. As collaborators in MMBioS we contribute to the development of a variety of computational software and methods for the biomedical community: