PSC HPC Workshop Connection Instructions

Primary technical contact: Stephen Cunningham, 412-780-1234 cell

The workshop takes place on Monday, January 29th from 11:00am until 5:00pm eastern, and Wednesday, January 31st from 11:00am until 5:30pm eastern.

The workshop agenda is here.

Roll-call will be held at 10:50am. Please have someone prepared to respond at that time.

Each remote site will maintain two separate Zoom meetings during the workshop. One for audio and video, and one for the presenter’s slides.

Zoom AV Meeting

The first Zoom meeting (AV) will be used only for the audio and video of the presenter and the remote sites. Video of the presenter should be displayed full screen on a large monitor. Audio from this meeting should be tied into the house audio system.

We encourage questions to be asked using this AV meeting.

Please do not use the Chat in this meeting. It will not be monitored.

The url for the AV meeting is:

SIP address for AV meeting: Passcode: 000

Zoom Slides Meeting

The second Zoom meeting (Slides) will be used to display the presenter’s slide presentation and should be displayed on the second large monitor in full screen.

Do not enable audio or video in this meeting.

The chat may be used for technical discussions, (AV issues, etc). It may also be used to ask questions, though we encourage people to use the AV meeting to ask questions in person.

The URL for the Slides meeting is:

SIP address for the Slides meeting: Passcode: 000