Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Network Exchange Adds Robert Morris University

PITTSBURGH, June 1, 2011 – The Three Rivers Optical Exchange (3ROX), the high performance Internet hub operated and managed by the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), which serves universities, research sites and K-12 schools in western Pennsylvania and West Virginia, has added Robert Morris University (RMU).

As a result, RMU now has access to Internet2 and to National LambdaRail, high performance research and education networks that connect universities, corporations and research agencies nationally. Beyond this, said Wendy Huntoon, PSC director of networking, “Robert Morris will also receive all the 3ROX regional routes, thus enabling better connectivity with other universities and area school districts.”

“3ROX is the premier high-speed interconnection point for research and education networks in the region,” said Randy Johnson, RMU senior director of technical services. “We joined 3ROX primarily to gain access to the National LambdaRail TelePresence Exchange for the future U.S. Steel Videoconferencing and Technology Center, which will be based on Cisco TelePresence technology. We will also benefit from ‘peering’ with other exchange members to pass traffic locally instead of utilizing an Internet connection.”

More information about 3ROX: http://www.3rox.net