PSC Password Policies

Computer security depends heavily on maintaining secrecy of passwords.

PSC uses Kerberos authentication on all its production systems, and your PSC password (also known as your Kerberos password) is the same on all PSC machines.

Set your initial PSC password

When you receive a PSC account, go to the web-based PSC password change utility to set your password.  For security, you should use a unique password for your PSC account, not one that you use for other sites.

Change your PSC password

Changing your password changes it on all PSC systems. To change your Kerberos password, use the web-based PSC password change utility .

PSC password requirements

Your password must:

  • be at least eight characters long
  • contain characters from at least three of the following groups:
    • lower-case letters
    • upper-case letters
    • digits
    • special characters, excluding apostrophes (') and quotes (")
  • be different from the last three PSC passwords you have used
  • not be re-used on other accounts
  • remain private; it must not be shared with anyone
  • be changed at least once per year

Password safety

Under NO circumstances does PSC reveal any passwords over the telephone, FAX them to any location, send them through email, set them to a requested string, or perform any other action that could reveal a password.

If someone claiming to represent PSC contacts you and requests information that in any manner would reveal a password, be assured that the request is invalid and do NOT comply.

It is strongly recommended to use a Password Manager to aid in generating secure passwords and managing accounts.