Martin is an experienced HPC system administrator who moved to Pittsburgh from Bulgaria at the age of 19 to pursue his passion for music technology at Duquesne University. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Mary Pappert School of Music in Music Technology and Sound Recording, which has given him a unique perspective on technology and its applications.

Prior to his current role, Martin gained extensive IT experience working at CMU’s Software Engineering Institute for six years. There, he honed his skills as an IT Help Desk, Systems Administrator, and Linux Systems Administrator, working in a highly secure environment.

As an HPC system administrator at PSC, Martin’s responsibilities are varied and include designing, implementing, and managing Linux HPC clusters, administering the VMware vSphere cluster and other open-source virtualization (oVirt) and configuration management infrastructure. He also creates custom Puppet modules and manifests, administers PSC’s OpenOnDemand web portal across projects, and monitors cluster hardware and software performance. Additionally, Martin collaborates with security teams to ensure HPC system security and supports ticket queues.

Outside of work, Martin enjoys a range of hobbies, including music production, hiking, biking, digital content creation, and video games although he prefers non-competitive ones because his competitive reflexes peaked with the original Half-Life multiplayer.