Liz Pantalone

Web Platform Developer


Liz Pantalone is a web platform developer at the PSC. She contributes to maintaining the PSC website, the Resource Description Repository as part of XSEDE, the Brain Image Library's Submit Portal, as well as working to rework and build out new webapp functionality for ACCESS.

Liz has degrees in biology and economics from Chatham College, one year of grad school at CMU's Heinz College, as well as a background as a business owner. She got her start in tech as a QA Analyst, leveraging SQL skills and data analytics knowledge. After a few years, she completed a web development bootcamp at Academy PGH and transitioned from QA over to developing full stack applications.

Having gotten her start in tech at a local Pittsburgh startup, Liz brings a product and user-first mindset to everything she builds. She encourages teams to not only think about how to build out data ingesting models and web functionality from a backend perspective, but to also establish a solid user-facing design, guiding the users with accessible and obvious UX, leading to sustainable projects and data integrity along the way.

She has a passion for great documentation and writing how-to guides. Sometimes she publishes things on Medium.