Here are some testimonials from former PSC interns.


Anthony DeLuca
Anthony is currently at CGI, where he is Director, Consulting Services “The work I did at the PSC added to my career foundation of a computer science degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Customer interaction with system users was key. The value here was in learning in how to communicate with individuals that work in an unknown-to-me domain, but use Supercomputing resources (my domain) to achieve their goals. This is a very transferable skill to the real world, as I have yet to have a customer with a domain and background equal to mine. Another advantage I gained was in having access to the very latest technology. To this day I impress my customers and employers when I tell them about working with the T3D and C90 in the mid-1990s. Confidence in doing work outside a classroom is another added benefit.”

Ishtar Nyawira
Ishtar is currently a Computer Science major at the University of Pittsburgh where her expected completion is Spring 2018. “My time at PSC has been invaluable. It’s here that I’ve been able to work with some of the most skilled, thoughtful, and kind professionals in our field. At PSC, I was given the opportunity to lead my own research project alongside other brilliant undergraduates with access to one of the country’s best computing resources. It’s here that my love of research was cemented and where I was able to grow in my knowledge and perseverance. All of that with some of the most hospitable, encouraging, and helpful people. PSC feels like a family and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities I’ve seized here.”

Shawn Corrello
Shawn is currently at PNC, where he is Manager & Asst. VP, PIM Implementation & Governance “My experience as a student consultant at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) was fundamental to my success in the information security field. In addition to learning the technical skills required to compete in this field, I also acquired the professional and personal skills needed to be successful. The knowledge I gained and the mentoring I received at the PSC provided the groundwork for me to start my career and for me to excel in it.”