Internships at PSC

Advancing state of the art high performance computing, communications and data analytics.

PSC’s Internship Program supports workforce development in the state of Pennsylvania by immersing undergraduate students in research and development in areas such as data analytics, computational science, and bioinformatics.

Under the mentorship of PSC staff and faculty, student interns gain experience working outside the classroom alongside some of the world’s leading experts in their fields.  They explore roles in areas  such as Software Testing, Graphics Design, Bioinformatics, Data Science, HPC Training, Deep Learning, Microphysiology, Information Security, and Software Development, among others.

Interns receive either a stipend or research credit. To date over 700 students have been mentored under PSC’s internship program. 

Most internships are active during the summer, but some run through the academic year. Please check our careers page for a list of currently available internship opportunities.


Recent interns

Fransiskus Agapa interned with the HuBMAP consortium, designing and implementing workflows for the preparation and creation of big data bags for the Common Fund Data Ecosystem (CFDE). His Python packages will form the basis for workflows used by AirFlow. They will help to streamline data processing pipelines by fully automating data submission, minimizing the need for human interaction.

Hind Albakri has interned at PSC for two consectutive summers. The first year, she worked on streamlining the process of deploying biomedical/bioinformatics applications on Bridges-2. Currently she is designing and implementing RESTful APIs to access public data and metadata hosted at PSC for the Brain Image Library project.

Iman Jehanzeb helped to create a software installation management project for scientific applications on Bridges-2, starting with implementing cmake to software such as MuST and Gromacs, and then creating Docker images for the packages.

Sheena Kapoor worked with the Bridges-2 Netbox group on integrating infrastructure components, working on code to tie the Netbox inventory management system more closely to  the Puppet configuration management systems and Warewulf-based provisioning systems.

Michael Ross worked with PSC’s Information Security team, researching affordable, easy to manage solutions to enable PSC to better track its critical information security assets.