Due to the current usage patterns on Bridges-2’s Ocean filesystem, an inode allocation has been established. It will be enforced in addition to the storage quota for your grant. The inode allocation is proportional to the size of your storage quota, and is set at 6070 inodes per GB of storage allocated.

Inodes are data structures that contain metadata about a file, such as the file size, user and group ids associated with the file, permission settings, time stamps, and more. Each file has at least one inode associated with it.

Inode quotas are set on your project directories in the Ocean file system. There is currently no inode quota on home directories in the Jet file system.

To view your usage on Bridges-2, use the my_quotas command which shows your limits as well as your current usage.

[user@bridges2-login013 ~]$ my_quotas
The quota for project directory /ocean/projects/abcd1234
Storage quota: 9.766T
 Storage used: 1.384T
 Inode quota: 60,700,000
 Inodes used: 453,596

Tips to reduce your inode usage:

  • Delete files which are no longer needed
  • Combine small files into one larger file via tools such as zip or tar

Should you need to increase your storage allocation or inode limit, please submit a supplement via the XSEDE allocations system. If you have questions, please email help@psc.edu.