Tuomas Sandholm inspects PSC’s Bridges-2 supercomputer

AAAI award cites Tuomas Sandholm’s work on improving organ donation exchanges with AI

Tuomas Sandholm’s work since 2010 to improve the fairness and effectiveness of organ donations using PSC supercomputers has won the 2023 AAAI Award for Artificial Intelligence for the Benefit of Humanity. The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence’s award cited the CMU School of Computer Science investigator’s use of artificial intelligence on three succesive PSC flagship supercomputers to manage organ matching by the national UNOS system; his co-invention of never-ending altruist-donor-initiated (NEAD) chains to prevent live-donor organs from going to waste; and the successful expansion of his matching system beyond kidneys into other organs, including liver lobe exchanges, multi-organ exchanges, and the world’s first liver-kidney swap.

Read the AAAI release here.

Read the School of Computer Science release here.