Classroom Exercises

These exercises were developed in CAST workshops from 2006-2011 by teachers in western Pennsylvania. Most include a lesson plan and accompanying models.  

The models are bundled into  .zip files.  Once you have downloaded a project, use the unzip program to extract the individual files.

All of these exercises are geared to high school students.

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Mendelian Genetics Rebecca Day, Frazier High School

Discovering the Science of Alcohol Brian Strelick, Waynesburg Central High School

Enzyme Action Melissa Franks, Oakland Catholic High School

Photosynthesis Kristy Lippert, Highlands High School

Evolution/Natural Selection Karie Suhajda, CAPA


Atomic Structure/Subatomic ParticlesMatt Brandstetter, Waynesburg Central High School

Calculating Formula MassesKathleen M. Kenny, McKeesport Area High School

Energy, Heat and HessChristine Boring, Northgate Middle/Senior High School

Precision and DensityJames McNally, Pine-Richland High School

Limiting Reagents Xiaojing Zhang, Sto-Rox High School


Darcy’s Law Lawrence Thomas, Fox Chapel Area High School


Derivative ApplicationDennis Bonicky, Chartiers Valley High School

Tides/Trigonometry Daniel Hack, Penn Hills Senior High School

Linear Relationships Eva Malecki, Fairview/O’Hara/Kerr Elementary Schools

Surface Area and Volume Marie Platts & Irene M. Runco, Woodland Hills High School

Graphical Analysis Sharon Ramsey & Richard Stevens, Gateway High School

Significant Figures Wayne Stanley, Fox Chapel Area High School


Wave Nature of Light/Law of MalusBenjamin T. Spicer, Sewickley Academy Senior School

Wave Fundamentals Mark A. Uhrinek, Seneca Valley Senior High School

Simple Harmonic Motion Donald Zier, Chartiers Valley High School

Universal Gravitation/Planetary Motion Tom Moul, Fox Chapel Area High School

Relativity/Time Dilation Mark Nemchick, McKeesport Area High School

Sound Intensity vs. Distance M. Perry and D. Tsambis, Pine Richland High School

Motion, Specifically Projectile Motion Todd Ollendyke, Upper St. Clair High School