The Web10g team is pleased to announce that the alpha release of our TCP stack instrumentation kernel modules is now available as a patch and git source. You can find it under the ‘Software’ tab in the Kernel Patches section. It is currently available for the linux 3.1.0 kernel.

This release includes a considerable number of changes designed to increase the robustness and efficiency of the Web10G code. The most notable change is the elimination of the /proc ABI in favor of a netlinks ABI. This dramatically increases the number of connections that can be tracked by significantly reducing overhead. Second most is the move to a loadable kernel module in order to provide increased flexibility for installations.

This release does *not* include a userland API but it does include sample code based on libmnl in order to demonstrate the funtioning of the loadable kernel modules. The team expects to have a documented API availabe for release in the next 6 to 8 weeks.

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