If everyone used electricity at a constant rate, generating power would be simple. But spikes in use lead to under-utilized power and ultimately increased costs. Scientists used PSC’s Bridges and former Greenfield systems to understand the economic and engineering challenges of “behind the meter” battery storage.

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While diabetes poses many life- and limb-threatening problems, it also causes serious changes and problems in the digestive tract. A study using PSC’s Bridges system sifted through the DNA of thousands of microbe species in the healthy and diabetic intestines to learn how to help reduce digestive symptoms—and maybe even slow the course of the disease.

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A common way for proteins to hold themselves together is with disulfide bridges. But scientists don’t completely understand why some proteins need them to “hook up” their structure. Researchers used the DESRES Anton system hosted at PSC to discover the critical role disulfides play in holding together MCoTI-II, a natural pesticide that would fall apart without disulfide bridges.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has reached a new level, with an AI poker program beating four of the top specialists in heads-up, no-limit Texas holdem poker. Libratus, powered by PSCs Bridges supercomputer, is a first step in AIs that can handle imperfect information, offering lessons in important problems such as security, negotiation and even medicine.

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The National Science Foundation has approved the Phase 2 upgrade of the new Bridges supercomputer it funded at PSC. The enhanced system offers more speed, memory and data storage for investigators who have used supercomputers and those in fields that never before needed them.

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