We are proud to announce that the HPN-SSH development team has received a grant from the National Science Foundation (Award#: 2004012) to continue development on HPN-SSH. This grant will be used to develop and incorporate new features and optimizations. This grant will provide direct support to developers at PSC for two years.

All patch sets from 4.4p1 to 8.1p1 are now available on SourceForge at https://sourceforge.net/projects/hpnssh/. The entire codebase (merged with OpenSSH) is also available as a git repo from https://github.com/rapier1/openssh-portable. The SourceForge location now includes prebuilt binary and source packages for Redhat (7.6p1 – 8.1p1), Debian (7.8p1 for Buster and 8.1p1 for Sid), and gsi-openssh for CentOS 7 (7.6p1).

If you care about HPN-SSH there is no better way to show your support than making a donation to the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. I do not personally receive any money from these donations but your support ends up supporting our work. When you donate please make a note in the comments field that this is for HPN-SSH. Any amount is worth while – even a dollar will show PSC and CMU your support for our work. Seriously, show your support in order to both keep HPN-SSH current and fund new improvements.