The Projects in Scientific Computing Archive

Projects in Scientific Computing was an annual report highlighting research at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. Much of this work bears on questions of broad social impact, such as the development of new therapeutic drugs, understanding heart disease, better knowledge of earthquakes and improved forecasting of severe storms.

Since 2004, many of these projects demonstrate the scientific impact of the the National Science Foundation's evolving program of U.S. cyberinfrastructure to support research and education — initally the TeraGrid, and since 2011 XSEDE. The articles communicate at a non-specialist level. They report on work that has advanced scientific understanding and that could not have been accomplished without the technological and human resources of scientific computing.

Produced each year in the fall, Projects highlighted research during that year along with activities of the PSC staff and its partnerships.

This interactive multimedia archive contains content from Projects in Scientific Computing editions from 1993 to 2012. All articles can be found using the keyword search or the topical index below. For 2001 to 2012, the full editions are also available through the links at the bottom right.

Since 2013, PSC has produced a biannual summary of their research, education and workforce development projects, named People. Science. Collaboration. The People. Science. Collaboration. issues are found on the PSC website.

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The most recent annual edition is available here.
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