XSEDE HPC workshop series connection instructions

XSEDE HPC Monthly Workshop Connection Instructions


Primary technical contact: Stephen Cunningham, cunningham@psc.edu 412-780-1234 cell

Workshop details and agenda can be found here: https://www.psc.edu/current-workshop

You will need to maintain a connection to the MCU and two Webex sessions from 10:30am until 5pm eastern
on January 21st.

Connecting to the MCNC MCU via H.323 or SIP

For both SIP and H.323

Dial into 8820@vms.video.mcnc.org

If you have trouble connecting, the MCNC MCU operator can dial out to your endpoint ip#.
You can reach the operator by calling 919-248-1410.

Connecting to Webex

 You will need to run Webex on a machine at the front of the room for the students to view the instructor’s desktop, and on another machine for the operator to view the chatroom.

  1. Go to https://psc1.my.webex.com/psc1.my/j.php?MTID=mb93be1217fd0f6dcfcb50d93c0571bd6
  2. The password is 0000
  3. X off the Audio Conference pop-up. We do not use Webex for any audio or video.