Vivian Benton

Communications & Publications Project Manager


Vivian started at PSC in June, 1986 – employee #8!

Vivian supports a variety of PSC’s outreach efforts as well as internal communication. Her major efforts include:

  • Assisting the EOT director in the development of marketing and promotional materials
  • Managing the production of the center’s semiannual Science Highlights (formerly known as Projects in Scientific Computing)
  • Coordinating the efforts of PSC’s Project GCode, a STEM pilot program to introduce girls to basic programming concepts and build awareness of 21st century careers in technology and cyberscience
  • Coordinating the center’s Internship Program
  • Working closely with the center’s Senior Multimedia Designer in designing and producing the center’s public information materials
  • Producing and distributing the center’s weekly report, distributed internally.

For over 20 years Vivian served as a volunteer on the SCxy committees, holding the position of Communications and Publications Chair for several of those years. She also serves on the Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation (CASC) Communications Committee. Vivian is currently Communications Chair for the PEARC18 (Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing) Conference, being held in Pittsburgh, July 22-27.  

In Vivian’s former life, she was a Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst and Manager of Technical Writers.