Celera Assembler

Celera WGS Assembler


Celera Assembler is a de novo whole-genome shotgun (WGS) DNA sequence assembler.


  • Website: http://wgs-assembler.sourceforge.net/
  • The standard citation is the original paper: Myers et al. “A Whole-Genome Assembly of Drosophila.” Science 287 2196-2204 (2000).
  • More recent papers describe
    • modifications for human genome assembly: Istrail et al. 2004; Levy et al. 2007
    • metagenomics assembly: Venter et al. 2004; Rusch et al. 2007
    • haplotype separation: Levy et al. 2007; Denisov et al. 2008
    • a Sanger+pyrosequencing hybrid pipeline: Goldberg et al. 2006
    • native assembly of 454 data: Miller et al. 2008

    There are links to these papers, and more, in the Publications section of the on-line documentation.



To see all versions of wgs that are installed, type

module avail wgs


module help wgs

will show you how to get help in using the Celera assembler.

To run Celera, include this command in your job script or interactive session:

module load wgs


Get more  help on the Celera Assembler.