Abaqus is a software suite for finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering.  You must have your own license for Abaqus to use it on Bridges.

Sample scripts for Abaqus use are available in directory /opt/packages/examples/abaqus on Bridges.



To use Abaqus:

  1. Create a job script which loads the Abaqus module, and any other commands to execute your work.
  2. Submit the script with the sbatch command.   Use the -C EGRESS option so that the compute nodes you are allocated can access sites external to Bridges. This is needed so that your license information can be found.

See the Running Jobs section of the Bridges User Guide for more information on job scripts and options to the sbatch command.

Load the Abaqus module 

To see what versions of Abaqus are available type

module avail abaqus

To see what other modules are needed, what commands are available and how to get additional help type

module help abaqus

To use Abaqus, include a command like this in your batch script or interactive session to load the Abaqus module:

module load abaqus

Be sure you also load any other modules needed, as listed by the module help abaqus command.


Allow access to your Abaqus license

You must include the EGRESS option to the sbatch command when you submit your batch job.  Otherwise, the Abaqus license server on Bridges will not be able to find your Abaqus license information. Use a command like:

sbatch -p RM -C EGRESS  mybatchscript.job

To see other sbatch options, see the Running Jobs section of the Bridges User Guide.