PSC Researchers Author Standard for Improved Network Performance

PITTSBURGH, May 11, 2007 — Researchers from PSC's Advanced Networking group have authored a new standard for improved Internet performance. The work - "Packetization Layer Path MTU Discovery," by PSC researchers Matt Mathis and John Heffner - describes a method to automatically assess the best Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) -- the biggest data packet a connection can efficiently use -- for a given network connection.

Mathis and Heffner first proposed the new approach in 2004 to the Internet Engineering Task Force, an open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with evolution and operation of the Internet. After several rounds of review and comment by IETF and others, it has now become accepted and is published as an RFC (Request for Comment), an official IETF standard.

Research into Path MTU Discovery was made possible through a grant from Cisco Systems, Inc. More information on Path MTU Discovery is available here:

About PSC:
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