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PSC's Red Storm Wins Most Innovative Implementation

PITTSBURGH, November 5, 2004 — HPCwire, the on-line news service for high-performance computing, announced today that PSC’s newest system, known as Red Storm, won its 2004 Reader’s Choice Award for Most Innovative Implementation. This Cray, Inc. system, based on the Sandia National Lab’s “Red Storm” design (now designated XT3 by Cray), will comprise 2,000 AMD Opteron processors, with a peak performance of nearly 10 teraflops. An innovative and powerful feature of this system is its internal network that allows processors to communicate and share data more than 10 times faster than any similar system.

HPCwire’s Reader’s Choice Awards also recognized Red Storm in two other categories: Most Innovative HPC Technology and Most Important Emerging Technology. We’re pleased that HPCwire’s readers acknowledge the technology innovation of this newest PSC system, and we look forward to making it available as a resource for U.S. science and engineering research.

HPCwire will present the awards during the Gala Evening opening, Monday, Nov. 8, of the 2004 Supercomputing Conference and Exhibition in Pittsburgh’s David Lawrence Convention Center.

For more information, see PSC’s news release announcing the National Science Foundation grant to acquire Red Storm:


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