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The World's First CRAY T3E Retires

Photo of PSC's CRAY T3E.

PITTSBURGH, October 11, 2004 — After nearly eight years of faithful service, PSC’s Cray T3E — known to users as Jaromir — was retired on September 30. Installed in April 1996, Jaromir was the first CRAY T3E system shipped from Cray Research. The initial 256-processor configuration expanded in April 1997 to 512 processors. Over the span of its service, Jaromir provided 25 million CPU hours to more than 3,000 researchers.

Among many notable research projects that relied on Jaromir are:

Although Jaromir was a reliable performer, more powerful and cost-effective PSC platforms are now available — especially including LeMieux, PSC’s terascale system, complemented by PSC’s twin 128-processor, 512-gigabyte HP GS1280 shared-memory “Marvel” systems (Rachel and Jonas). Soon to arrive at PSC, the newest high-performance system from Cray, Inc. — provisionally named Red Storm — carries forward some of the most successful features of the T3E.


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