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Pittsburgh Center's Director Named APS Fellow
Ralph Roskies, co-scientific director of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, has been named a fellow of the American Physical Society.

PSC Volume Renderer Wins Most Heterogeneous Award
A distributed volume-rendering application developed by Joel Welling, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center scientific visualization specialist, was named Most Heterogeneous Application at the Supercomputing '93 Heterogeneous Computing Challenge.

Minnesota High School Students Using Pittsburgh Supercomputer
For several years, physics students at a Rochester, Minn., high school have designed soda-bottle rockets that have flown almost 500 feet. But beginning this school year, students at Mayo High School will use a supercomputer to design the two-liter bottle rockets so they could fly even farther, similar to aerospace engineers developing plans for supersonic aircraft.

Pittsburgh Center Unveils New Cray Research Supercomputer
The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center unveiled today (Sept. 2) the first installed prototype of Cray Research Inc.'s newest supercomputer, the CRAY T3D.

Artificial Intelligence Researcher Wins International Award Using Pittsburgh Supercomputer
Hiroaki Kitano imagines a society where hand-held computers will allow native and foreign speakers to converse on any street corner. Just say a sentence in English and out come the appropriate words in French.

Pittsburgh Supercomputer Predicts Oklahoma Storms
In a unique collaborative experiment, researchers at the University of Oklahoma used the CRAY C90 supercomputer at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center in daily forecasting of severe weather.

PSC Wins Computerworld Smithsonian Award for Science
The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center won the 1993 Computerworld Smithsonian Award for science. The award, given for uses of information technology that benefit society, recognizes the center's efforts to bring high-performance computing to bear on research that improves the quality of human life.


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