PSC Logos

The PSC logo is available for use in presentations and page layout programs. The Primary logo (with full name) should be used in print applications and the Secondary (short) version can be used for the web, presentations and other e-media. The "mark" can be used in conjuction with other solitary mark applications.

PSC Logo

PSC Logo

PSC Logo Available file types are: EPS, PDF and TIFF. If you need a different file format or color, contact

The following vector file formats are for High quality and large scale print output. Logos can be resized to scale.

EPS Format: PSClogo_prime.eps (primary logo)
PDF Format: PSClogo_prime.pdf (primary logo)
EPS Format: PSClogo_secondary.eps (secondary logo)
PDF Format: PSClogo_secondary.pdf (secondary logo)
EPS Format: PSClogo_mark.eps (mark only)

The following raster file formats are 300dpi and can be sized down. If a larger raster version is needed, consider using the EPS file above or contact

PSC Logo

Tiff Format: (primary logo - compressed, 264 KB)
Tiff Format: (primary logo - uncompressed, 5.8 MB)
Tiff Format: (secondary logo - compressed, 864 KB)
Tiff Format: (secondary logo - uncompressed, 2.4 MB)

A Black & White / greyscale version can be used in newsprint or other non-color media. If an alternate size, variation or 2-color version is needed, contact
PSC Logo

JPG Format: (primary logo - black & white/greyscale)

PC Users: To save the image, right-click over the link and select "Save Target As..."
Mac Users: To save the image, click and hold down over the link and select "download link to disk"

The PSC logo and wordmark are copyright Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. Misuse or modifying are prohibited. For more information and permission to use, contact Shandra Williams or 412.268.4960