Instructions for staff pages

How to edit your staff page

What’s my staff page for?

These pages are for your professional information, so anything about your research, publications, your CV, etc. etc.  It is one page.  If you have other information that you would like to host on, please let Shandra or Deb know that by emailing ‘’ and we’ll see how we can help.

Here are some brief instructions, please feel free to ask Deb any questions.

Where is it?

Your staff page is at

Note that the staff pages use your last name in the URL, NOT your PSC username.  So Yang’s page is, not “ywg”. 

You will have to log in to the website to set it up, but note that it is not publicly available by default and we won’t make it so until you say it’s ready.  

How do I edit it?

First, log in to the website:

  • Go to
  • Log in with your PSC username and the password you’ve been given.  You should be prompted to change it the first time you log in.  New passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 1 each of:
    • Upper case chars
    • Lower case chars
    • Digits
    • Symbols

Now you can edit your page:

  • Navigate to your page by going to  If your page has already been published, you can get to it through the staff directory. We’ve given you an initial template and pic of Copernicus.
  • Click the gear icon in the upper right and choose Edit.  You are taken to a WYSIWYG editor.  You don’t need instructions for that.  A few things:
    • Use the chain icon to link to other pages.  Please set target to “open in a new window” if the link goes out of
    • If you want to upload an image (I know you don’t look like Copernicus)
      • Click the icon that looks like a picture in the bottom row next to the link (chain).  You are taken to the top level images folder.  Please move to the staff folder.  Click the upload icon in the file browser section of that window.  Once you’ve uploaded the image, choose it and select Insert and the photo will be inserted. 
      • It will probably be huge.  Click on it to select it and then right click and resize it by dragging from the corners.
      • You can add padding and reposition it by selecting it, right clicking and choosing “Insert/edit image”.
    • Note the Versions button at the bottom.  You can see and recover previous versions of the page here.  
  • Don’t forget to Save when you are done.

When you are done editing, and have left the editor, go to the bottom of the web page and logout.

I’m ready to go live

Email Deb (nigra) or Shandra (shandraw) when you are ready and we will publish your page and link it to the staff directory.

My page needs to be updated

You can edit your staff page anytime you like. Just log in to the website and have at it. Note that once it’s published, any changes you make will be public immediately. 

I have some questions

At any time, email ‘’, Shandra or I will answer you.