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Terascale I/O Solutions Download

PSC has architected and delivered the TCS-1 machine, a Terascale
Computing System for use in unclassified research. PSC has enhanced the
effective usability and utilization of this resource by providing custom I/O
solutions in four key areas: high-performance communication, highperformance
file migration, checkpoint/recovery and an updated hierarchical
storage management system. These I/O solutions have a synergistic effect that
is leveraged in their design, implementation and integration. Each successive
enhancement builds on its predecessors, thereby exacting the highest
performance (e.g. multi GB/sec file transfers) from the available hardware.
This paper presents a technical overview of these solutions from design to
integration to application.
Submitted On:
15 Aug 2011
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55.62 Kb
File Author:
Nathan Stone
Submitted On:
15 Aug 2011
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