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Blacklight is an SGI UV shared memory system with 4096 cores and 32 Tbytes of shared memory.




Sherlock is a YarcData uRiKA™ (Universal RDF Integration Knowledge Appliance) data appliance with PSC enhancements. It enables large-scale, rapid graph analytics through massive multithreading, a shared address space, sophisticated memory optimizations, a productive user environment, and support for heterogeneous applications.




Anton is a special purpose supercomputer for molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, designed and constructed by D. E. Shaw Research (DESRES). In colllaboration with DESRES, the National Resource for Biomedical Supercomputing at PSC is hosting an Anton machine for general availability to the national biomedical community.



Salk is an SGI Altix SMP machine with 144 cores and 288 Gbytes of shared memory, dedicated to biomedical research.



Axon is a 32-node cluster with a total of 256 cores. Most nodes contain 8 Gbytes of memory; 4 nodes have 16 Gbytes.



BioU is a 3-node computational cluster containing 16 cores and 128 Gbytes of memory per node. BioU is available to researchers conducting biomedical research.


Data SupercellThe Data Supercell

The Data Supercell, PSC's archival system, is a low cost, high bandwidth, high capacity and high reliability data management system.


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