TAU script for blacklight

#PBS -l ncpus=16
#PBS -l walltime=30:00
#PBS -o tau.out 
#PBS -j oe 

# set up  module command
source /usr/share/modules/init/csh

# load the tau module
module load tau

set echo

# use the default Makefile so no need to define $TAU_MAKEFILE
# See which makefile will be used.

# the code has already been compiled with  
#          tau_cc.sh ring.c -o ring

# move to the SCRATCH directory 

# copy the executable to SCRATCH
cp ~/tau/ring .

# execute the program (MPI)
mpirun -np $PBS_NCPUS  ./ring

# Note:  If the run was successful, profile files are produced.
# Get the profiling report later 
# using either  pprof   or   paraprof   commands
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