Greenfield User Guide


Greenfield is a Data Exacell research system funded by the NSF.


System Configuration

Greenfield comprises 360 cores and 18TB of memory in three nodes: two HP DL580s and an HP SuperDome X. Each DL580 contains 4 15-core processors and 3TB of memory.  The SuperDome X has 16 15-core processors (for a total of 240 cores) and 12TB of memory. 


Greenfield is a large shared memory machine, and Greenfield service units are defined in terms of memory use.   Each Greenfield core has 51.2GB of memory  associated with it.  The definition of an SU is:

1 SU = 51.2 GB-hour 

If you have more than one account, be sure to charge your usage to the correct one. Usage is tracked by group name.

Find your group name
To find your group name, use the id command.

id -Gn

will list all the groups you belong to.

id -gn

will list the group you associated with your current session.

Conversion from Blacklight service units

Service units transferred from Blacklight are pro-rated to reflect Greenfield's larger memory.  Because Greenfield provides 6.4 times the memory per core than Blacklight did, service units transferred from your Blacklight allocation have been scaled to align with Greenfield's capabilities.  The conversion rate is:

6.4 Blacklight SU = 1 Greenfield SU


Use SSH to connect to SSH  is a program that enables secure logins over an unsecure network.  It is client-server software, which means that both the user's local computer and the remote computer must have it installed.  Free versions for  Macs  and Windows machines and many versions of Unix are available.

 Read more about using SSH to connect to PSC systems


User Information

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