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Extending High-Performance Computing Beyond its Traditional User Communities

Co-located with the 8th IEEE International Conference on eScience
Chicago, USA
October 8, 2012

Guidelines for Presenters of Contributed Talks

Please summarize your experiences and your resulting point of view in at most 15 minutes. Whereas the focus of your published paper may have been on the development and implementation of a novel algorithm and software specific to your field of study, the focus of your presentation should be on the lessons and inspiration workshop participants from very different backgrounds and fields should draw from your work, and to engender discussions among all.

Your session chair will ask participants to not interrupt your 15 minute talk with questions. At the 15 minute mark, your session chair will open the floor for 5 minutes of Q&A and will ask participants who have not had time to ask their questions in this period to contribute them to the general discussion, or to follow up with you at the break.

There are 30 minutes of general discussion time in each session, moderated by the session chair. All participants will be encouraged to interact with the presenters and with each other, processing and enriching the information presented in your session and in the prior sessions of this workshop. This should be the most valuable part of the workshop, by generating persistent communication among the participants.