Corporate IT Strategy Support

PSC offers unique expertise, experience, and capability to develop customized strategic plans for information technology (IT), ranging from cutting-edge approaches to engineering and information warehousing to high performance computing, archiving and networking. PSC is a partner in the ongoing realization of the national cyberinfrastructure, which bridges from the largest research simulations to campus desktops.

Expertise and Experience
PSC’s technical staff, 19 with Ph.D. degrees and 22 with M.S. degrees, average over 14 years of experience in applications and systems software design and implementation, quantitative analysis, advanced consulting, and delivering high-quality training. Our staff also has extensive collaborative networks for bringing the latest research results to bear on wide-reaching issues. The following are a few examples of ways in which PSC’s experts enhance competitiveness, productivity and capability for government, educational, and commercial entities.

Information Warehousing: The Data SuperCell
Provides exceptionally fast, robust, secure storage for both live data and archives, using network connections optimized by PSC’s networking group to ensure maximum transfer rates. The Data SuperCell provides a convenient and affordable way to store and access data, based on an architecture designed for high reliability and scalability.

Applications Development
Develop, enhance, and optimize applications to maximize insight and competitive advantage through greater functionality and increased productivity.

Network Optimization
Maximizes end-to-end network performance through the use of PSC-developed tools, such as Web10G.

Provides in-depth training for IT, software, security, and networking. For example, PSC and NVIDIA delivered advanced training to engineers from Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory (West Mifflin, PA), Ansoft Corporation (Canonsburg, PA), and others to increase their productivity through the use of inexpensive accelerators.

State-of-the-Art Computing
PSC architects and operates a sophisticated facility that includes high performance computing (HPC) systems, high-speed parallel filesystems and leadership networking.

  • Computing  PSC’s flagship HPC system, Blacklight, is the world’s largest shared-memory system. Its extremely large memory—16 terabytes—coupled with its familiar Linux operating system and versatile programming models makes it as easy to use as a PC. Complementing Blacklight are HPC clusters that are ideal for running smaller, loosely coupled analyses. These systems allow the coupling of cloud computing technologies with extremely efficient analytics to yield uniquely powerful insights, while purpose-built hardware and one-on-one relationships between PSC and its users deliver higher performance and more transparent security than are possible on commercial clouds.
  • Active Storage  Serving all of PSC’s high-end computing systems are an integrated high performance Lustre parallel filesystem and an innovative, ultrafast archiver. Together, they offer high-capacity (multi-petabyte), robust, secure, low-latency, high-bandwidth access to data at unprecedented speed. Integration of short-term storage with an ultrafast archiver enables unique approaches to analyzing large-scale data that grows over time.
  • Networking  Network facilities at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center consist of production and research LAN, MAN, and WAN infrastructures. PSC’s WAN connections are provided by 3ROX, a regional network aggregation point operated and managed by PSC. While the primary focus of 3ROX is to provide cost effective, high capacity, state-of-the-art network connectivity to the university community, this infrastructure also provides well-defined network services to both community (K-12, government) and commercial entities.
  • Applications  PSC hosts advanced, scalable applications and software infrastructure to support engineering, science, and analytics. Applications are supported by PSC’s domain experts who add value through integration, optimization, consulting and training.
  • Training Facilities  The David Deerfield II Training Center (DTC) at PSC is a state-of-the-art facility for hands-on training. It provides 30 dual-boot Linux/Windows workstations with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. A connected lecture hall provides space for up to 100 participants.




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